Specialist in HVAC solutions for marine and offshore, Paumier Marine has a professional expertise enabling it to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to the expectations and specificities of any marine activity.




Service vessel

Cruise Boats

Military ships, service vessels, river boats, fishing vessels or offshore installations, Paumier Marine has the technical, regulatory and operational expertise specific to each activity.

Paumier Marine offers shipowners and shipyards the equipment that meets their requirements of quality, safety and comfort and helps its customers to optimize the operation of ships while reducing environmental impacts.

Paumier Marine assists its customers from shipbuilding to ship operation and offers maintenance services and interventions throughout the French coast and worldwide.

Our teams are mobilized in particular to meet the needs of the tuna industry, the Oïl & Gas sector or the action of the State at sea, in Africa, in the Indian Ocean or in the Middle East.