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Specialist in industrial refrigeration solutions, air treatment and HVAC, Paumier Marine brings you its expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems suitable for all types of vessels and offshore installations. All Paumier Marine solutions integrate your requirements of safety, comfort, hygiene and optimization of weight and space and meet the applicable standards and certifications. We integrate a quality follow-up and a complete traceability in our process of studies and manufacturing. We offer you turnkey solutions adapted to your projects, from the specifications to the guarantee, the management of your installations and the training of your teams. From Fécamp, Paumier Marine operates everywhere in the world.

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Backed from a strong expertise in marine and industrial refrigeration, in cooling and air treatment systems, Paumier Marine proposes custom-made solutions for all type of ships and offshore installations.

Our teams, with a customer satisfaction-oriented approach, offer you optimal solutions adapted to your projects and conforming to the highest of quality, safety and environment standards.

Paumier Marine offers you turnkey solutions from the definition of the project to the control of your installations, from Fécamp, everywhere in the world.

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The Paumier Marine team supports you in your objectives to increase the quality of freezing and conservation of fish during your various fishing campaigns.


For military-type projects, we adapt to the requirements of the different navies of the definition study.


For over 20 years, Paumier Marine has been involved in offshore activities, ensuring a responsive and thorough knowledge of your installations.

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