For military projects, we put forward some points during conceptual design:

  • Specific design for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, in order to meet the needs of long-term missions at sea and vessel classification.
  • Specificity for each vessel, such as ATEX (Atmosphere Explosible) area, citadel with containment NBC (Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical).
  • Environmental constraints according to navigation areas (outside temperature, sea water, humidity, …).

Paumier Marine uses its technical expertise and return on operating experience to meet your requirements :

  • Thermal balances and calculation notes : allow the sizing of refrigeration and air treatment installations.
  • Research & Development : we optimize dimensions without penalising installation process.
  • Definition of specific equipment for ATEX or NBC areas, taking into account and paying crucial attention to meet standards.

Paumier Marine also defines and implements, with you, the best maintenance solutions to keep your installations in operational conditions.